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My Dear friends...

It's been a while, I know. I was very busy and most of the time working. Since I'm not getting any younger, I feel my body needs more rest after a dayshift. And well, there ain't much time to update this website.

On the other hand, I haven't been sleeping all this time. In fact, I was working on something no-one, including me, considered possible. It all started at the celebration of our friend's career. You all know PDW died and there was a tribute evening.

Of course: me and the guys from Skyblasters couldn't be absent on that occasion. In his honor, we've played a few songs from back then. PDW was in fact the founder of the band.
We just had to do this.

And it felt good. Really good. In spite of the fact we're all a bit older, we were still able to create the vibe we once shared with so many people back in the '80's. As we were playing, looking at the picture of PDW behind us, our eyes crossed and I think one might say: we were all thinking the same. So it just happened. We decided to get the band back together again for a brief number of gigs. We don't know where this might lead to or how long we'll keep it up, but for now, it's pure enjoyment and well... We've planned a few gigs.

Starting really soon: tomorrow! In Gent! The city where it all began years ago. You wanna join us? Please check out the events I've posted and come over! It'll be fun!


Thursday, nov 6th - 20:00 hours @ Vizitfabriekske
Hof Ten Walle 1
9000 Gent

Sunday, nov 9th - 22:00 hours @
Vlasmarkt 6
9000 Gent

Saturday, dec 20th - 21 hours @
COLORA Festival
Café Entrepot
Vaartkom 4
3000 Leuven